Athletic Health and Nutrition

Many food items are full of health benefits. These food items range from fruit, to vegetables to olive oil. Olive oil is perfect to cook with if you want to consume more healthy fats. Some health benefits of olive oil include
-weight loss aid
-heart health
-lowers bad cholesterol

Watermelon’s health benefits include:
-reduces high blood pressure
-reduce heart disease risk
-produces energy
-cancer fighting

Blueberries and raspberries are two other fruits that are extremely beneficial. Blueberries:
-aid in digestion
-reduce belly fat
-full of antioxidants
-rich in vitamin A
-prevent cancer
-burns fat

Two vegetables that are health beneficial are green beans and asparagus. Green beans:
-boost energy levels
-rich in vitamin C
-strengthen connective tissue
-cleanses the body
-prevents kidney stones
-prevents birth defects

I focus on daily serving goals. Throughout the day you should get three servings of fat, thirteen to fourteen servings of carbohydrates and six servings of protein. The thirteen to fourteen servings of carbohydrates include one to two meals with vegetables per day, three servings of fruit, and ten servings of starches. Along with the three servings of fat, five grams of fish oil should be taken.

Sometimes it can be hard to decide when you need to get your servings in. I will break that down to make it easier to understand. For breakfast, one serving of protein, three servings of carbohydrates and three servings of fat should be consumed. If you notice, this makes up your daily servings for fat. When looking at carbohydrates, they are divided up between starches and either fruits or vegetables. An example for breakfast would be two servings of starches and one piece of fruit. For lunch, two servings of protein, three servings of starches, vegetables, and a piece of fruit should be consumed. For dinner, two servings of protein, four servings of starches, and vegetables should be eaten. The last servings come in with a nighttime snack. One serving of protein, one serving of starch and one piece of fruit should be consumed. Along with this, five grams of fish oil, multivitamins and vitamin D3 should be taken. Also, twelve to sixteen ounces of water should be taken in with each meal and snack.

Workout plans vary but the one that I will describe is similar to what we as softball players do at Illinois State University. We typically have four days that we go in and lift weights. Two of the days are heavy lifting days while the third day is more of a conditioning day and the fourth day is a circuit day. On average, our workouts take about an hour. This includes warm up, the actual lift, and our cool down.